Current status: July 2024

Curriculum Vitae

Short Profile

Longstanding expertise in roles as journalist and editor of image, advertising and industrial films, film director of renowned TV productions (report, documentary, docu-soap, infotainment), work as marketing director in: digital media marketing, content marketing, content creation, storytelling (film, print and audio), crossmedia, social media, press releases, newsletters, white papers and press across all industries like i.e. media, fintech industry, economy, IT, charity projects, medical/veterinary, health, environmental protection, science, real estate, tourism, fashion, lifestyle, hotels, leisure parks, sports, dancing, cruises, public sector, real estate.

Integrated corporate communications, development and implementation of marketing campaigns, digital social media, press.

Gained international experience in Europe, South East Europe, Northern America, Eastern and South Africa, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Paraguay, Chile, Argentinia, Brazil, Columbia, Uruguay, Caribbean, thus able to interact with different cultures and mentalities. Strong in communication and convincing across all hierarchical levels. Fluent in English, Spanish and French, workable Italian.

Professional Experience

2004 - 2024Film Director and journalist

Direction and realization of various national and international television formats entailing reports, documentaries, docu-soaps, scripted reality, infotainment, factual, entertainment, show, image, industrial and explanatory videos, corporate portraits, internet and advertising films. Conception and design of new formats.

Storytelling, editing of scripts, newsletters and press releases for commercial enterprises, TV stations and production companies

Reporter for TV productions and image film clients.

Chief Editor for Eyeworks Germany

Production, realization and supervision of multipart documentary productions

Conception, production and setting of texts of multilingual image, advertising and industrial films, including the cross-media support.

In-house production of weekly television episodes

Reporting and presentation for commercial enterprises (at trade fairs and conferences).

Realization of and editorial work for various TV shows.
2016 - 2019Director of Marketing (Fintech)

Traxpay AG
(Frankfurt am Main, Germany)

Marketing, integrated corporate communications, Social Media management, development of digitalization and communication strategies, development of integrated corporate communication, development and implementation of marketing campaigns, content and influencer marketing, development and production of image films, optimization of corporate website, creation of slogans and promotional texts, PR, development of press and promotional texts in various languages, text translation, storytelling, storyline development, photo shootings, event and fair design, publishing of articles.
2015 - 2016Director Marketing and Audiovisual Media

Loro Parque, Siam Park, Poema del Mar, Brunelli's
(Teneriffa, Gran Canaria)

Responsible for planning and implementation/realization of marketing campaigns, social Media management, TV and radio spots, internet videos, events, advertisements in newspapers, magazines and online media, campaign management

Development of multimedia and graphic designs, optimization of websites, apps

Creation of texts and slogans, press and promotional texts in English, Spanish and German, translation of texts

Development of a storyline for various TV stations and the corporate group, organization and management of filming on site, photo shootings, hosting of VIP guests

Acquisition of new customers and business partners

Development of educative teaching and learning concepts for children
2002 - 2004Editor and Reporter

i&u GmbH, (Cologne, Germany)
(stern TV, stern TV report)

Responsible for the entire research of a multitude of show topics as well as for shooting, cut, setting of text including interviewing, text edition, selection of music etc.,

Personal briefings of the presenter Günter Jauch regarding the show topics.

Research & realization of various stern TV documentaries.
1999 - 2002Editor and Reporter

center tv GmbH, (Cologne, Germany)
(Former private TV station)

Format development and realization of various RTL formats

Development of film treatments and conception of various pitches i.e. for Discovery Channel, Pro Sieben, RTL

Unit leader for the development of new broadcasting formats and concepts.
1997 - 1999Editor and Reporter

Taunusfilm GmbH, (Frankfurt am Main, Germany)

Responsible for the research of a multitude of show topics as well as for shooting, cut, setting of text including interviewing, text edition, selection of music, organization of studio actions, etc.

Reporter for various programs on RTL
1995 - 1996Reporter
Event tester for youth programs on hr television and on WDR television.
1995Junior Editor and Reporter
RTL (Frankfurt am Main, Germany)
Editing, research and filming of videos and productions for "Guten Abend RTL".

Further Qualifications

2016 - 2018Master studies, Master of Science, PR and integrated communication.
1996 - 2006Speaker training (regular speech training).
2000 - 2003Regular moderation training.

Education & Qualifications

2016 - 2018Danube University Krems (Austria)
Master studies in PR and integrated communication
Degree: Master of Science
1996 - 1997Traineeshop at "Guten Abend RTL".
1995Johann Wolfgang-Goethe-University, Frankfurt am Main (Germany)
Studies in theatre, film and media sciences/media sociology.
1985 - 1994School education: Marienschule der Ursulinen and Leibnizgymnasium Offenbach (M)
Degree: Abitur.

Additional Activities

1994 - 1995Professional figure skater for "Holiday on Ice".
1992 - 1994Professional figure skater and trainer.


Englishbusiness fluent
Spanishbusiness fluent
Frenchbusiness fluent

International Projects

2024ORF magazine, Austria.
2023Social media project Thailand, documentary production, explanatory video and image film projects Germany.
2022Documentary Cuba, report and image films Germany.
2021Documentary production Italy, report and image films Germany.
2020Documentary production, image films Germany.
2019Documentary production, image films USA, Canada, Caribbean (Martinique, Dominican Republic, Virgin Gorda, St. Barths, Antigua, Guadeloupe, Dominica, Saint Lucia).
2018Documentary production, image films Canary Islands (Tenerife, Gran Canaria), Portugal, Spain (Marbella).
2017Documentary production, image films Iceland, Italy.
2016Image films, social media clips, TV and radio reports Canary Islands (Tenerife).
2015Documentary production, image films Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Columbia, 10 Carribbean Island, Belgium, USA, Austria, Tenerife.
2014Docu-soap production Italy, Spain.
2013Docu-soap production Luxembourg, Mauritius.
2012Report- and Docu-soap production Tenerife, Bahamas.
2011Report- and Docu-soap production Tenerife, Austria, Spain, The Netherlands, Image film production Norway, Switzerland, UK.
2010Report- and Docu-soap production Spain, Hungary, Canary Islands, Docu report (90 minutes) together with Frank Elstner in Brazil, Image film production Switzerland, Portugal.
2009Documentary production Canary Islands, Paraguay, The Netherlands.
2008Documentary production France, Sardinia, Canary Islands.
2007Report- and Docu-soap production Ireland, France, Sardinia, Canary Islands, East Africa (including the ascent up on the mountain Kilimanjaro with a camera crew).
2006two-part report production in East Africa.
2005Documentary production South Africa.
2004Documentary production Curacao.
2003Documentary production Moldowa, Bulgaria, South Africa.
2001Documentary production Paraguay.
1999Documentary production France.
1998Documentary production on slums in Kolkata (India).
1997Documentary production on a parabolic flight in Star City/Russia including live reporting during zero gravity.
1996Documentary production Indonesia.
1994 - 1995Tour with "Holiday on Ice" through Europe.
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